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A Brief COVID-19 Exposé

by RG

May 3, 2021

Time has come for all to understand that the citizens have been inundated with exaggerated, fabricated statements that has been activated to be proclinated by administrated, authoritated persons to be true who, initiated and perpetuated a fornicated mixed communicated message that indoctrinated all to become alienated and isolated which incarcerated our lives to be obligated to them that now, we have become a people intimidated to be participated in a society that the information now has become more complicated that it cannot be applicated in a manner that could make us exonerated from exasperated times, so all must now be fumigated in order for it to become tolerated for us to be eventually emancipated, so for us to be liberated, we all must now be vaccinated but this itself now is masqueraded as a discombobulated proclamated message between those who continue to persist on presenting actuated “mandated” decrees.

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