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Fine line between genius and insanity

The study of medicine is an honorable pursuit to undertake. If one becomes a medical professional such as a nurse, medical doctor, physician, or surgeon then one has achieved a designation that they can feel pride in for they have obtained a position that asserts their belief that wanting to help other humans is a worthy endeavor.

Josef Mengele aka ‘Angel of Death’ was the most notorious individual who was a doctor that perform unmentionable atrocities against the Jews during World War II. Conducting sinister abuses and operations to the human bodies of those unfortunate souls housed at Auschwitz after he had gassed them. His background was in anthropology and medicine before he became the head of the concentration camps as the Nazi Medical Officer. One must wonder what would make a person who studied medicine which by its nature is a science in the development of prognosis, diagnosis, treatment, and the prevention of disease, to perform such acts of cruelty.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is a physician, scientist and immunologist who serves as the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and acts as a chief medical advisor to the President of the United States. As a physician, he took an oath to do no harm against humans. This is a principle of the Hippocratic Oath. It requires physicians to uphold a number of professional ethical standards. Though in its original formation, new doctors were swearing to several Greek Gods of medicine. However, as time has moved from the believes of Greek Mythology to modern believes, the oath has been revised to meet the believe standards of a modern society. Still, it sets ethical standards that all physicians should strive to obtain and follow in their practice of medicine even if a physician is also a scientist for, they were, as in Fauci’s case, a physician first. So, the same question persists, what would make a person who studied medicine which by its nature is a science in the development of prognosis, diagnosis, treatment, and the prevention of disease go to the end of assisting and contributing to the development of a virus that has had detrimental impacts on society.

Gain of function medical research is an experimentation process by which pathogens are enhanced to such a degree that the scientist reviewing can determine the transmissibility and its virology of the virus which is usually related to the understanding of how diseases interact with humans. The key function here is it is an experimentation with diseases, viruses, and interaction with humans. Human experimentation. Is this any different than the warped procedures that were conducted by Mengele on human bodies at Auschwitz?

When you genetically alter an organism, you change its biological function. In essence, taking viruses and making them more aggressive in attacking normal healthy cells. You are essentially weaponizing the organism. This is what the Wuhan Lab in Wuhan, China has been doing and still is doing and is where Dr. Fauci sent over 800 thousand US tax dollars. Whether Fauci knew it or not that this is what would happen is immaterial for sending US dollars to a facility managed and operated by a regime that has a well-known track record of violating human rights and expecting and presuming they would not use the proceeds for any such development is a lack of due diligence and an extreme failure and a total disregard of any medical ethics by a physician. Such an incident in research, is playing Russian Roulette and in this case with the COVID-19 Pandemic, US human lives are at stake and are in the balance and Fauci lost. The ‘Angel of Death’ is a reminder of how notorious a medical professional can be. Is Fauci’s behavior any less notorious?

Funding the development of a virus that has profound effects on humans is, to me, an intentional act that establishes Fauci as a co-conspirator in the development of a deadly contagion to humans if they come into contact with it and he should be legally and financially held accountable for his actions. He has partial liability in the shutdowns, school closures, business closures, job losses, illnesses, and yes, even deaths administered upon the people because of the outbreak. As a physician he should have taken more caution and responsibility to ensure that the development was first, not conducted and second, to prevent any leakage into society. In simple terms, he should have applied better judgement for if anyone would understand the potential dangers of the outcome, it should have been him, an immunologist. All it takes is one incident for a virus to spread, which is one too many. The lack of serious concern on his part is very disturbing and everyone should take notice of his actions.

Taking a virus that on its own cannot develop and evolve into an enhanced aggressive state is playing God which no one can take on God’s responsibility. As an educated medical professional, his actions should be reviewed and even if it takes civil lawsuits, he should lose his license and rights to practice as a physician and conduct medical research as a scientist in any capacity for the remainder of his life.

When you think or act as if you know it all, life has a way to show you that you do not know as much as you think you do. He is a modern-day Mengele in sheep’s clothing and should be avoided at all costs for humans cannot survive another one of his mistakes and errors in judgement.

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