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It’s all been a lie!

by RG

June 24, 2021

What I find to be aggravating and intensely nerve racking is the endless telephone robo-calling from so called health insurance companies that advertise themselves as searching for the best plans for you. Really? No, what they are is a damn nuisance. Let me explain.

Just under 48 hours ago I went online conducting a searching for some quotes of health insurance plans for my current plan and provider will soon be coming to an end. This is because it was a temporary setup offer that was offered to me to take an early out from a major unnamed airline legacy international airline headquartered in Georgia. This was because in March 2020 the world came to a screeching halt because of the Wuhan Virus better known as COVID-19. The airline industry initially was the first industry that took the blow to the head and flight schedules were shut down, international routes canceled, and work forces reduced. As a means to initiate their future recovery efforts, this unnamed airline headquartered in Georgia decided to make offers that started with voluntary leaves that resulted in taking early out packages. As I was one, the stipulation of course was I would retain all my health-vision-dental coverages for a year. Well, as the saying goes now is becoming the time to pay the piper.

I received a notice which I am looking at right now. Bottom line is if I haven’t decided within 60 days to keep it, it goes away. However, there is one caveat, it then turns into a COBRA payment to keep it. I reviewed the plans offering and the cheapest is still outrageous in a monthly cost. This led me to initiate my search. Believe this has been a chore I wish on no one. Once thumbing and reentering my information, age, sex and such a thousand times my online “Quote”, if that is what you want to call it came through. Again, I such the Obama Care, Biden Care websites and they all end up being the “un”-Affordable Care Act. The cost is no better than what the potential COBRA cost per will be but that is not the only thing.

For under 48 hours, my telephone has done nothing but rang. One call after another. Some within moments of each other and at other times I received five calls within five minutes. Thank God for answering machines. It got so bad that yesterday for about 8 hours I disconnected my phone. This whole program pumped onto the citizens of the United States has been nothing but a scam. The cost is not cheaper. And to add insult to injury, when doing an online evaluation of my situation it revealed I fall into an area that the industry has termed as the “Medicaid Gap”. Really, things are that bad you have already created a name for it.

So, don’t give up is the call. Keep plugging away. As it is called, it is LIFE!

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