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Lest We Forget

June 6, 2021

As this day draws to a close, I ask everyone who might read this post to pause and remember this day. This day June 6, 2021 is the 77th Anniversary of the brave soles that landed at the beaches of Normandy, France to face the foe of evil and do battle.

Many men lost their lives that day in order for us today to celebrate the freedom they preserved. I along with many others of the Baby Boomer era have or had relatives that landed on those fateful shores that day and feel a sense of pride and astonishment for the feat they accomplishment. Those who landed and those within the borders of France fought to defeat the tyranny known as Nazism.

As we are coming through these times of the Pandemic, we all should be grateful for the sacrifices they performed for each of us. Unfortunately, evil is still among us around the world and yes, even within our own borders.

So, before you lay your head down tonight to start a new day tomorrow, I ask we all remember and give thanks to our Lord above that his justice will prevail.

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