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Updated: Apr 20, 2021

One Term equals 1,460 days. We are now 89 days into this Administration's time in office. The following is a list of accomplishments and events occurring so far:

* 49 Executive Orders issued

* Elimination of estimated 11,000 high paying energy jobs

* Legal Immigration laws eliminated

* Insurgence of migrants at southern borders due to current immigration polices overwhelm border facilities

* High number of unaccompanied minors abandoned and left wondering the rural areas of the border

* Vice President appointed by President to oversee the handling of border crisis on March 24, 2021, it has been 27 days and VP has not visited border to see first the results of the current Administration border policies

* Big Tech Social Media Boards censors and restricts the free speech

* Dr. Fauci cannot explain why Florida and Texas have had large reductions in COVID-19 cases

* Dr. Fauci still promotes double masking and shots for life even when receiving vaccination but says nothing about the high influx of unvaccinated illegals entering the country and subsequently being shipped throughout the country to potentially infect the States that are attempting to control the number of COVID-19 cases

* Calls ID requirements and the expansion of early voting days "Jim Crow on steriods"

* Corporations and Professional Sports Organizations become political

* Schools still closed in some States and Teachers Union continue to promote distance learning

* Migrant children receive "in-person" learning while US children are being taught remotely

* China and Russia flex their arms on their neighbors

* Re-enters nuclear discussions with Iran

* Promotes de-funding the Police and provides no leadership on controlling the violence in cities

* High number of Police Officers resigning throughout the country due to lack of support of local, state, and national politicians

* Record number increase of Police Officer shootings at routine traffic stops, Administration and other government officials reaction is uncaring

* High number of Police Officers resigning throughout the country due to lack of support of local, state, and national politicians

* US Representative shows up at "protest" and encourages the rioters to continue in their destruction actives by becoming more "confrontational" meaning keep up the burning and looting

This is a brief overview of the current events happening in this country showing the continued loss of personal freedom and civil liberties granted to every US citizen under our United States Constitution. It is an example when God has removed his hand of blessing from our country. We will continue to lose our way of life until the righteous of the land will rise up and take back that which was lost.

As of this blog post, there is 1,370 days left in this Administration.


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