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Now is the time for all ‘Good Men’ to stand up

Over a year ago when this pandemic first arrived on the shores of the U.S., I wrote a piece in one of my graduate courses explaining what was happening and what would eventually happen if the government was not reined in by its actions of invading into the personal liberties of all the citizens. Travel permits, employers requiring proof of vaccination before hiring, continued temperature checks, masking mandates and, etc. Well, guess what, airlines still require passengers to wear face mask, passengers must show vaccination verification to travel international, domestic coming soon, masks even for the fully vaccinated are still required, the President will announce the federal government will require vaccination for all federal employees in order to work for the government, and private companies have begun to announce vaccination proof is required to be considered for employment. The invasion has now begun.

We are now living in a new America where the government and other prime institutions within the country will dictate how people are to live their lives. This is what these groups have wanted for years and now that there is a lackluster administration now in the office of the presidency of this country with Marxist believes, these actions are just the mere tip of the iceberg. The government ignores the causes of the inflation, the crisis at the southern border allowing unvaccinated illegals into the country and shipping throughout the country, lawlessness in all major cities in the country, high number of police resignations throughout the various police forces in the country, high number of homeless being allowed to overrun city streets within the country, the shutting down of American energy companies only to support and allow foreign development, illegal connections by government officials who violate human rights like China, illegal foreign influences on government officials receiving payoffs in the millions of dollars, our military institutions turning into political forces, and many other examples within the first 100 days of this new administration reflect how these groups want to change the basic foundations and formation of this country.

The continuous distractions being performed by our government is only to draw everyone’s attention elsewhere. The freedoms that we all have loved and cherished and what has made this country great and envious of others, is slowly being eroded away by individuals who have been promoting discord and violence. Sadly, some of these individuals are currently in our federal, state, and local governments. Promoting racism and systemic violence saying this is the course of change that is needed.

All I can say is, be careful of what you wish for, for you are just liable to get it and guess what, you want like it.

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