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The Dating Game

by RG August 23, 2021

It seems this day and age that trying to find that special someone who you can connect with is just as hard as trying to match all the numbers to win the lottery. Sending orbiters to Mars does not seem to be as complicated and difficult as finding someone to date. These days with the COVID-19 outbreak everything is virtual and or remote. Online dating sites have grown in their popularity and the mystic of that connection has become ever more and more challenging and elusive.

I am on my third attempt utilizing an online dating website since my divorce in 2007 and I find it is more luck involved than any skill in finding that right someone. Postings range from the simple with just one picture all the way to 26 pictures of the person in various locations. You have to wonder if these individuals are actually wanting to date someone or are they seeking their proverbial 15 minutes of fame or are they trying to start their own social media dating reality show.

The creators of eHarmony,, Tinder, PlentyofFish, and Facebook all have a plethora of individuals seeking someone. This list of course excludes the numerous other sites for inter-racial and other ethnicity and gender specific dating sites. All to say, the availability of singles seems to be of monumental proportions but the capability of achieving the ultimate goal of obtaining a date with that one special person is no less complicated. I find that it is easier for a blind squirrel to find a nut than it is to find a date with someone who is seemingly normal and not too bizzare. I know opposites attract but interplanetary differences are just too much to even to consider.

The contributor to all this confusion and frustration I contend comes from the influences of the made for TV movies and other films that show a fairy-tale representation of two people making that connection. Programs like Temptation Island, Big Brother, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and others are not about the love connection, but these are more representative of The Wipeout that happens. The days of the 1965 program, The Dating Game, where the bachelorette picks either bachelor one, two, or three for a date is long gone. Today successful dating is a combination of some mating rituals of animals in the South American rain forest and a form of voodoo dancing that is needed to create and cast a spell that will consume and overtake the emotions and feelings of the intended recipient.

I am of the firm belief that our Lord and God did not intend for us to be alone. If so, why would he have created man and women and give them strict instructions to go out an propitiate. Not to live apart I am certain. What I find somewhat idiotic is when you scroll through the multitude of listings on these websites and you come across those individuals who post only one picture or include at least one picture which is an image of them wearing a facial mask. I am not really clear on what they are trying to convey but I feel I would need to bring a copy of my complete medical history beginning from birth to include a vaccination card before things would proceed further.

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