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What Kind of a Country are We Becoming?

by RG

May 11, 2021

Understanding this Administration’s response or more correctly its lack of response to what is happening at our southern border is truly a showing by Biden and Harris that actual earnest concern will not be forth coming from them or anyone else in their Administration. On Monday, May 10, 2021, while having my TV set on I had it tuned to the Fox News channel and the ‘Faulkner Focus’ program was on. It caught my attention because of what was happening, when I looked up a live remote telecast was taking place from Del Rio, Texas and at that moment approximately 45 illegal persons were crossing the border wading through the waters of the Rio Grande River. It was around 10 AM Central Time in broad daylight. The camera crew just happened to be there preparing another segment concerning the border, but because this event was happening live right in front of them, they filmed it to add credibility to this ongoing story.

It currently has been 111 days since inauguration on January 20, 2021 and no leader of this Country has taken charge. This is the same response taking place with the teachers at school districts who are still refusing to go back to in-class learning. We have serious problems that are festering and growing in this country. The pot is boiling and has started to overflow but the stove has been left unattended. Immigrants are no longer attempting to cross into the US under the cover of darkness, it is now a brazen show that they will no longer be afraid of US Border Protection Agents for Biden actually set the new guidelines during the 2020 Presidential Campaign by saying, ‘Come and Welcome’.

Watching the Fox program ‘The Five’ later that day the border question was brought up again and Juan Williams, the designated democratic-liberal analyst, stated when asked about the border, “The border is improving and the issues at the border have ‘always’ been there.” Though the border problem statement is true, for previous administrations to include Obama and Clinton have said the border has issues but none have had issues such as what is currently being experienced. It was pointed out by another analyst on the panel that if this issue was occurring under the previous Trump administration that he would be railed on a continuous basis by the national media for his failure of attention. Hypocrisy on this issue just does not fit the description of how the Democrats are responding. It is a complete show that if critics of this Administration state problems, they, the Administration representatives, want address them. Citizens should be realizing this is how the Administration now thinks of the citizens and this country.

Value is the question. Joe Biden may want equity but until he values this country and what it represents, then and only then will him and his cohorts in Washington understand the true ethics of what this country deserves – a leader who believes in the US Constitution and not the principles of socialism, Marxism, and communism all of which are repressive on the people, economic growth, and freedom. All of these concepts are failed governmental principles that history has shown time and time again does not work and continues to fail even to this day.

Equity, Democracy, and Justice are just mere words stated by Biden and his Administration that are used with no meaning but as catchy phrases in order to gain a spot on the national news. Pretending you are concern is not being concerned nor is it solving any problems. We have enough pretenders in the world today and Hollywood is full of them. We need a ‘Leader’.

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