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December 2020

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Back to the Normal

by RG 

January 27, 2022

(Scenario based on the original 1985 movie plot of "Back to the Future")

Cast of Characters: Joe Biden – George McFly, Dr. Anthony Fauci – Biff Tannen, Jen Psaki-Mr. Strickland,

Dr. Rochelle Walensky- Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown, The People of the US-Marty McFly, Reason & Common Sense, the Standard of our Society-Flux Capacitor, American Way of Life-DeLoren

            The most difficult situation we have found ourselves in now for over two years has been the fact that we have been trying to get ourselves Back to the Normal. The problem has been more exasperated by the fact that Biff Tannen has disabled our DeLoren time machine by commandeering and stealing the flux capacitor which is the main operating component of our machine. This act by Biff will keep us in this situation for who knows how long for until we can either take back the flux capacitor that has been stolen or locate replacements; we will not be able to get Back to the Normal. In addition, Mr. Strickland keeps spewing out confusing comments to cause a misdirection of attention which has hindered Marty to achieve his mission. Doc Brown wants to assist Marty and be more helpful but acts much like the lack of confidence shown by George being under the omnipresence influences of Biff. The uncertainties of George when acting on his own shows he is discombobulated, confused and unable most of the time and can not decide on his own how to lead Marty and Doc to overcome Biff’s powerful hold. All the while, Mr. Strickland keeps a watchful eye on George and the situation being able to step in and assist at moments notice in providing confusing rhetoric that keeps Marty off balanced and focused on other nonessential items. This all happens as we hear being played in the background Huey Lewis and the News song, “Back in Time.”

            The harder Marty fights to stand up against Biff and Mr. Strickland, the harder they in return repel the advances of Marty while George and Doc keep trying to reign in and keep Marty under control. The goal of course is that if Doc Brown can resist the influencing power of Biff, gaining control and reincorporating the flux capacitor back into the DeLoren, then that will be able to provide Marty the means to get Back to the Normal leaving Mr. Strickland startled and speechless while providing George the opportunity to take the reigns of leadership and give clear precise direction to Marty.

            The ‘Normal’ right now is what we have been living in succumbing to the rhetoric of Fauci who wants to keep all fearful and focused on him. The latest polling numbers we see dated January 25, 2022, show Biden is still faltering with his numbers worsening every day. Biden’s job approval percentages show that those who ‘Approve’ of his overall performance is at 47% but his overall ‘Disapproval’ percentage is at 52% which states on its own the majority of Americans do not like what he has been doing. The poll itself goes even further to breakdown Biden’s performance in four specific categories which paints a clearer dismal picture of how he is doing in the areas that are most important to each American currently: Coronavirus, Foreign Policy, Economy, and Border Security.

            Biden promised in his campaign and following that he was going to ‘bust’ the virus. The issue is Biden has not upheld on his own promise for 52% of Americans disapprove on his handling of busting the Coronavirus with 46% approving. On Foreign Policy again Biden is failing with a 54% ‘Disapproval’ percentage and a 42% ‘Approval’ and with the Economy, he has not gotten any better with 58% ‘Disapproval’ and 41% ‘Approval’. Then finally with Border Security, this is Biden’s biggest failure of all with achieving a 59% ‘Disapproval’ rating on his handling of our border and a 37% ‘Approval’. These numbers clearly show Biden has many areas that need great resurrection and a lot of work to show any marketable improvement. His recent claims of trying to be positive on the year of 2021 by stating that it was a ‘tremendous’ year as if it were a great achievement is anything but realistic though that is how Biden believes and is trying to pitch it to the American public, but no one is catching what he is throwing and or slinging.

            How do we get Back to the Normal? We all must continue to fight off the influences of Biff Tannen and stop listening to what Mr. Strickland is saying for both Fauci and Psaki are perpetuating lies and promoting falsehoods upon the Marty McFly’s of our country. Once Biff and Strickland can be silenced then and only then can the efforts of Doc Brown be utilized to bring all Back to the Normal.


Thoughts from the Second

Clinking Whiskey Glasses

The art of speaking clearly, I'm a what??

by RG

January 27, 2022

            The Executive Order is that everyone will be treated with dignity and respect and the use of derogatory comments and abusive language towards others by any government employee will not be tolerated and any employee caught using any such language and acting in an unprofessional manner towards another individual will be immediately terminated. So ordered by the President of the United States on or about January 20, 2021.

            On January 25, 2022, the President of the United States called a White House news reporter for Fox News a “Stupid son of a bitch” during a White House briefing. Peter Doocy shouted out a question to the President. This is a President who only takes scripted questions from pre-determined reporters and apparently shouting out a question to him is forbidden and prohibited. White House staffers are instructed to do anything to block camera angles so as the President’s reaction cannot be picked up by any cameras on scene and if an unrecognized reporter does happen to shout out a question, he or she will be subject to be slandered and be verbally abused by the President. Though government employees cannot be ugly to each other or citizens, it is okay for the President of the United States to a call reporter a derogatory slanderous term without any repercussion for his action. As it is very unlikely for this President to fire himself over this act, it would be very appropriate for this President to publicly apologize to this reporter as he publicly insulted this reporter.

            Some on Social Media comment by saying this is just payback for the four years of Trump. Question I ask is when did it become appropriate to speak in such a manner about anybody? Respect for one another is what the President called for early on in the first days of his term and now we see he has once again failed to hold true to his own promise.

            Human beings are imperfect with many fallacies and flaws. We all come short to the Glory of God. The office of the President is hard and trying on oneself that is for certain and for sure. However, behavior such as this when a reporter is performing their job asking a legitimate question of a President who has a record of not taking questions is uncalled for especially when the reporter was not badgering or harassing the President as CNN reporter, Jim Acosta, did on numerous occasions during former Trump’s presidency.

            Language is very important. It is what separates humans from the wild animals of the world. How people communicate with one another is very important. Once language is lost then we are no longer a civil society. Not understanding what another person is saying especially in diplomacy could be the difference between peace or the outbreak of war. Respect is all anybody deserves from another human. The actions of calling another individual an insulting term shows a loss of confidence and civility by that individual. We each must act in a manner better than what ourselves will allow.

                      Continued post

      ****An Invitation to respond***

                               A letter to the President of the United States of America

                                                      by RG

                   October 12, 2021, day 265 of the Biden Presidency


The President of the United States of America

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, D.C. 20500


Dear Mr. President,

Time has come for you and your administration to stand up and answer for your in activity in ignoring the issues that are currently facing this country that are caused by your policies since you took office ten months ago. Your refusal to act like a man and a President, borders on a dereliction of duty for the man who was elected to represent the most powerful nation in the world and to answer the questions of the people. This shows your cowardice to face the people one on one who you represent. The question we have then is why are you afraid of the people? Is it because you know you are a failure?


Your approval rating is currently sitting at 38% for all categories and sinking. Very impressive! If you do not realize it, you are doing a horrible job. Excluding your debacle departure from Afghanistan leaving Americans behind, which that you said and promised you would not do, getting Americans killed, and then leaving billions of dollars of US military equipment and supplies behind now making the Taliban better armed and more powerful than what they previously were before, you now want to open formal negotiations with a group of terrorists, are you insane? Then there are your failed domestic policies.


The economy failures, inflation, supply chain failures, the border crisis (growing worse daily), illegal mandates attempting to make citizens to act and do things that go against their individual rights and freedoms, forcing companies to fire employees against their will, medical workers being fired, police officers and fire fighters being fired, teachers being fired, now federal government employees, i.e. air traffic controllers, and airline employees being fired, the potential seizures of companies, and now the weaponizing of the DOJ and FBI while demonizing parents for standing up and protecting their children, all has the appearance of someone who wants to cause chaos and destruction. If your goal is to destroy America rather than to unify America as you stated in your inaugural address, well sir, you are doing a great job!


Allowing people to cross our border without any repercussions for their illegal actions, requiring the citizens to be vaccinated but not forcing those whom you have allowed in this country illegally offering them only the option, shows you have no caring for the citizens of this country and America is not a priority to you. These people are trespassing on private property, and they are destroying the property of private US citizens all without any concern from you. The tent cities now being constructed at the International Bridge in the Del Rio area of Texas confirms the fact you have disdain for this country. Your Vice President’s refusal to attend a border meeting with Mexico but opting out to go to a bakery in New Jersey and create a video with child actors also confirms that the problems now facing this country which this administration has caused and implemented on to the citizens of this country is of no concern to you and is not important. These are just a few of the horrifying conditions of your ten months in office. What is instore for the remaining 38 months? You, Mr. President, are killing America.


Your inability to answer for your connections with China, your son, Hunter, and his fraudulent means of utilizing his relationship with you during your time as Vice President, all show you are not a President but a shyster, stealing from the people of the United States of America and have been doing so for the fifty years you have been a politician. You answer to the people, all the people, of the United States and now time has come for you to answer up and step up and explain your actions and reasons why to the people. Your talk has been cheap and meaningless to those of us who love America. This country has never been perfect but what you have done and what you are doing is breaking down and not building up anything positive about this country. During any normal circumstance being a President, it is a difficult job but when a President creates and exasperates situations to a higher, more intense level, questions must be asked and answered by him and not just ignored by turning your back. The issues you have created are not going away, are not going to get any better but only worse if you do not cease and desist.


You have abandoned the principles of the oath of office you took on January 20, 2021. You are illegally calling for companies to form allegiances with the government under the threat of high fines and corporate takeovers and seizures of businesses. I hold you, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. acting as the 46th President of the United States of America, personally responsible for the atrocities and continuing harms you are performing on this country through the government and commented against this country and the citizens of the United States of America. Time has come to call a duck a duck. You are not immune from your actions even as a President, it is called accountability. Time has come for your accountability.


So, Mr. President, when are you going to stand up and act like the President of the United States, act like a Man, act like you give a damn, and act like the person whom you have professed yourself to be? If you cannot manage the horrible reality of the actions you have caused, you need to resign from the office of the President of the United States immediately for it is quite apparent you cannot handle the duties and requirements of the office. Turning a deaf ear, a blind eye, and your back to the country is no longer an excuse and acceptable behavior for a President of the United States and that we the citizens will not accept. To put in simple terms so that even you can understand, I call into question your loyalty to the United States of America Mr. President and the principles for which it stands.


I look forward to your response if you are man enough to do so.







Over 30 years of airline industry and life experience has been the basis for my writings. Life is one continuing voyage that must be experienced, the good as well as the bad. We are but mere images of what we hope to be so if we don't attempt to reach our potential in whatever we desire, then we face an eternity of what might have been. 


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