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December 2020

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When the lies are more important than the truths


July 12, 2022

Lies told by Hunter Biden, by his father Joe Biden, and other leading democrats:

  • Joe knows nothing about Hunter’s business dealings

  • Joe has not taken any money from CCP party officials

  • Hunter told the FBI he does not own a gun

  • Bank accounts of Hunter’s are not linked to Joe

  • Joe has not received any money from Hunter

  • The laptop does not belong to Hunter

  • Joe did not use his political position to help Hunter get lucrative business dealings in Ukraine and China

  • Hillary Clinton did not misinform the US on Russian collusion on the Trump campaign

  • Jim Comey did not lie to the FISA court to get approval to spy on the Trump campaign

  • Hillary lied about coming under sniper fire when landing in Bosnia when Secretary of State

  • Hillary Clinton lies to Senate Committee during the investigation of the cause of the embassy attack in Benghazi which killed US Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other US citizens

  • Benghazi attack was blamed to have been initiated and triggered because of a video

  • UN Ambassador Susan Rice gets on national television blaming same video for triggering Benghazi embassy attack

  • National media outlets of US promote same false rhetoric

  • US Border Patrol Agents accused of whipping migrants crossing Texas-Mexican border illegally with long reins while on horseback (all agents cleared of falsehood, but same information was perpetuated by former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and President Joe Biden)

  • Inflation and the rise of fuel and gas prices are all due to Putin and his attack on Ukraine

  • Leading Democrats perpetuate false claims of Russian collusion

  • Joe Biden blames Trump’s policies on immigration endangered migrants

Some of Joe Biden lies or “falsehoods” as listed by

  • Biden takes credit for getting COVID-19 doses available, but Trump implemented the development of vaccines under “Warp Speed”

  • When Biden took office, there was no vaccine available

  • Gun manufacturers are the only industry in the country that have immunity for lawsuits

  • I’ve been in and out of Iraq and Afghanistan over 40 times

  • We will leave no Americans behind in Afghanistan

  • I got arrested protesting for civil rights as a youth

  • I’ve been against that war in Afghanistan from the very beginning

  • I used to drive a tractor trailer; I did it for a part of a summer

  • The number of small businesses is up 30% compared to before the pandemic

  • We are sending back the vast majority of families that are coming across the border

  • The NAACP has endorsed me every time I have ran for office


These 29 lies are just some of the many untruths that this President and others have stated in the short time he has been President with just a few exceptions. Now with oil prices so high, he is releasing our strategic petroleum reserves (SPR) to combat the soaring prices at the pump, but he is also selling off our reserve to China. One must surely ask whose side is this man on, this has to be an impeachable offense.


Of course, Joe Biden is no stranger to telling lies. He has a history of lying for when he was in law school at Syracuse University College of Law, he plagiarized a law review article for a paper he wrote in his first year. He has taken this experience with him and applied it to his 40 plus years as a public official as a US Senator, eight years as a Vice President, and now in his second year as the President of the United States. His approval rating is at an all time low of 33% and shrinking, over 60% of the Democrats do not want him to be the democratic candidate in 2024, and over one million registered democrats have switched party allegiance to the Republicans. History will show that he was by far the worst President in American history, if the Woke crowd will allow it.


Thoughts from the Second

Clinking Whiskey Glasses

The Thought posted needs no explanation

by RG 

June 26, 2022

I want to convey a Thought concerning my posting under Thoughts. First, I do not apologize for my statements of what I believe for we all have a right to our opinion.

I know some will find what I wrote offensive and object to what I wrote based on their own personal believes. This is fine for we all have a right to our opinion and have a right to have our opinion heard. 

My statements are not meant to incite anger but rather are meant to educate and provide a measure of clarity away from all the other explosive rhetoric that confronts us 24-7-365.

I hope you will accept what I have stated in the manner in which it was presented. 

I thank you for reading what I have written.



                      Continued post

     ****An Invitation to respond***

                               A letter to the President of the United States of America

                                                      by RG

                   October 12, 2021, day 265 of the Biden Presidency


The President of the United States of America

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, D.C. 20500


Dear Mr. President,

Time has come for you and your administration to stand up and answer for your in activity in ignoring the issues that are currently facing this country that are caused by your policies since you took office ten months ago. Your refusal to act like a man and a President, borders on a dereliction of duty for the man who was elected to represent the most powerful nation in the world and to answer the questions of the people. This shows your cowardice to face the people one on one who you represent. The question we have then is why are you afraid of the people? Is it because you know you are a failure?


Your approval rating is currently sitting at 38% for all categories and sinking. Very impressive! If you do not realize it, you are doing a horrible job. Excluding your debacle departure from Afghanistan leaving Americans behind, which that you said and promised you would not do, getting Americans killed, and then leaving billions of dollars of US military equipment and supplies behind now making the Taliban better armed and more powerful than what they previously were before, you now want to open formal negotiations with a group of terrorists, are you insane? Then there are your failed domestic policies.


The economy failures, inflation, supply chain failures, the border crisis (growing worse daily), illegal mandates attempting to make citizens to act and do things that go against their individual rights and freedoms, forcing companies to fire employees against their will, medical workers being fired, police officers and fire fighters being fired, teachers being fired, now federal government employees, i.e. air traffic controllers, and airline employees being fired, the potential seizures of companies, and now the weaponizing of the DOJ and FBI while demonizing parents for standing up and protecting their children, all has the appearance of someone who wants to cause chaos and destruction. If your goal is to destroy America rather than to unify America as you stated in your inaugural address, well sir, you are doing a great job!


Allowing people to cross our border without any repercussions for their illegal actions, requiring the citizens to be vaccinated but not forcing those whom you have allowed in this country illegally offering them only the option, shows you have no caring for the citizens of this country and America is not a priority to you. These people are trespassing on private property, and they are destroying the property of private US citizens all without any concern from you. The tent cities now being constructed at the International Bridge in the Del Rio area of Texas confirms the fact you have disdain for this country. Your Vice President’s refusal to attend a border meeting with Mexico but opting out to go to a bakery in New Jersey and create a video with child actors also confirms that the problems now facing this country which this administration has caused and implemented on to the citizens of this country is of no concern to you and is not important. These are just a few of the horrifying conditions of your ten months in office. What is instore for the remaining 38 months? You, Mr. President, are killing America.


Your inability to answer for your connections with China, your son, Hunter, and his fraudulent means of utilizing his relationship with you during your time as Vice President, all show you are not a President but a shyster, stealing from the people of the United States of America and have been doing so for the fifty years you have been a politician. You answer to the people, all the people, of the United States and now time has come for you to answer up and step up and explain your actions and reasons why to the people. Your talk has been cheap and meaningless to those of us who love America. This country has never been perfect but what you have done and what you are doing is breaking down and not building up anything positive about this country. During any normal circumstance being a President, it is a difficult job but when a President creates and exasperates situations to a higher, more intense level, questions must be asked and answered by him and not just ignored by turning your back. The issues you have created are not going away, are not going to get any better but only worse if you do not cease and desist.


You have abandoned the principles of the oath of office you took on January 20, 2021. You are illegally calling for companies to form allegiances with the government under the threat of high fines and corporate takeovers and seizures of businesses. I hold you, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. acting as the 46th President of the United States of America, personally responsible for the atrocities and continuing harms you are performing on this country through the government and commented against this country and the citizens of the United States of America. Time has come to call a duck a duck. You are not immune from your actions even as a President, it is called accountability. Time has come for your accountability.


So, Mr. President, when are you going to stand up and act like the President of the United States, act like a Man, act like you give a damn, and act like the person whom you have professed yourself to be? If you cannot manage the horrible reality of the actions you have caused, you need to resign from the office of the President of the United States immediately for it is quite apparent you cannot handle the duties and requirements of the office. Turning a deaf ear, a blind eye, and your back to the country is no longer an excuse and acceptable behavior for a President of the United States and that we the citizens will not accept. To put in simple terms so that even you can understand, I call into question your loyalty to the United States of America Mr. President and the principles for which it stands.


I look forward to your response if you are man enough to do so.







Over 30 years of airline industry and life experience has been the basis for my writings. Life is one continuing voyage that must be experienced, the good as well as the bad. We are but mere images of what we hope to be so if we don't attempt to reach our potential in whatever we desire, then we face an eternity of what might have been. 


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